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A Quick Preview Of Our Privacy Accelerator

Updated: 5 days ago

Prodago has packaged three accelerators that address specific Data Governance initiatives so that organizations do not have to document dozens of data-management-specific processes:

  1. Data Risk Accelerator;

  2. Artificial Intelligence Accelerator;

  3. Privacy Accelerator.

This short blog post gives a preview of the content for the Privacy Accelerator.

Privacy Regulations

We currently cover GDPR, CCPA, and the Quebec Bill 64 regulations. In the works are PIPEDA and LGPD. Below is an overview of the extend of what the Accelerator covers. Coming soon is HIPAA.

Additional Levels of Detail

Prodago goes into much detail; in fact, it goes all the way to the business process that prescribes what needs to be done to comply with the given regulation. It does allow one to understand the incremental work to comply with additional privacy laws.

Reporting and Navigation

The Prodago Platform allows users to navigate and report on the content of accelerators included with a subscription. Once a Data Governance assessment has been conducted, users can also report on where the gaps are.

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