Data Governance
Assessment, Strategy & Roadmap

Prodago's approach is different because we unify and are, therefore, able to operationalize Data Governance.

Based on a carefully curated collection of over 1,500 best-in-class operating practices, already mapped to Data Governance requirements like data quality, privacy compliance, and ethical use of data, the Data Governance Assessment, Strategy & Roadmap by Prodago is the most actionable and concrete way to deliver a clear vision and roadmap to operational Data Governance, with full accountability.

  • Whichever are your requirements, policies are clear and translated in real operating practices and assigned accountabilities.

  • The approach unifies Data Governance by enabling it to administer all data management-related processes, such as data quality, privacy compliance, or ethical use of advanced analytics.

  • Our method is modular, incremental, and evaluates intended results

  • We have curated over 1,500 operating practices based on standards, best practices, and legally valid handling prescriptions, all ready to be operationalized so you can start quickly, saving months of effort to define.

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