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Privacy Accelerator

Chief Privacy Officers and their teams need to ensure that their organizations comply with ALL privacy laws they are subject to. The problem is often that it is addressed in a silo or via its own project.


Why not leverage established in-house processes? What is missing is the ability to see and control the big picture.

Prodago helps organizations operationalize Data Privacy compliance through a unified Data Governance framework.


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  • Integrate Data Privacy holistically in a unified Data Governance framework

  • At the same time, dive concretely into regulations like GDPR, PIPEDA, LGPD, and CCPA.

  • Get a comprehensive collection of best-in-class operating practices that are already mapped to privacy laws, ready to implement now. Ensure that privacy is operationalized and has clear accountability.

  • Know the impact of entering new regulated markets and complying to new laws easily.

  • Quickly assess where you stand and obtain a clear plan of what to do to close the gap on Data Privacy compliance.

  • Obtain a Roadmap and a Timeline for implementation that is clear and process-based.

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Not Just Laws

With the Prodago Platform, combined with the Privacy Accelerator, you are able to cover all data protection operating practices. Some may be to operationalize specific regulatory compliance, some reputational risk mitigation.


Whatever the business driver, it is all about Privacy and making sure you have people responsible to execute the processes that make it happen. Manage it once, track it centrally, and govern it via your existing Data Governance processes.

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