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Make Privacy Operational
Data Privacy Accelerator
A Data and Analytics Governance Service combined with carefully curated content, by Prodago


Chief Privacy Officers and their teams need to ensure that their organizations make complying with ALL privacy laws to which they are subject part of their business process. But the real work happens way before a compliance audit. They must make sure their whole organization integrates and follows all prescribed privacy policies; they need to guide their organization to operationalize Privacy.

The unique value proposition of the Privacy Accelerator is to help organizations operationalize Data  Privacy as quickly as possible


The Privacy Accelerator is a mix of professional services combined with curated content and technology which provides you with two unique capabilities:

  • First, it allows you to quickly diagnose whether your data management and data governance policies cover every aspect of the laws and regulations you need to comply with.

  • Second, going even further, it delivers detailed operating practices and an accountability matrix which we then customize to your organization.

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Prodago offers software, professional services, and curated content to help organizations speed up time-to-value in implementing comprehensive, practical, adaptable, and operational Data Privacy Governance. 

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