Prodago Data Governance Management Platform

Version 2.0

Prodago helps organizations enhance the value of their data by offering a Data Governance Management Platform that unifies what has otherwise been fragmented governance efforts.


Unifying the underlying processes increases the impact of Data Governance by tying the various requirements (privacy, quality, or ethics) to the detailed operating practices required to fulfill them; it becomes possible to manage all data risks, or any data trust capability for that matter, in a single, integrated, and effective operating model.

In This Release

  • Process-based Data Governance

  • Using Prodago's Accelerators, navigate through the operating practices by various facets like Trust Capability, Topic, Rule Type, Compliance Object, etc.

  • Carry out an assessment/audit of where your organization is with respect to a particular Trust Capability, like Data Quality or Data Literacy, or complete Compliance Object, like GDPR or CCPA

  • Obtain powerful analytics to plan your process implementation roadmap.

To know more about the Prodago Platform, please visit our Technology page.

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Trust Capabilities



Three Accelerators Available

These are available collections of operating practices that have been carefully curated to accelerate Data Governance initiatives for specific business problems.

The Data Privacy Accelerator covers major compliance objects for Privacy Regulations, like GDPR and CCPA.

The Data Risks Accelerator is aimed at Chief Risk Officers and their teams for building organizational alignment and leverage Data Governance as the mechanism to mitigate these risks.


The AI Governance Accelerator is aimed at Chief Risk Officers and Chief Analytics Officers working together to ensure that the organization adheres to Responsible AI.

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