What Is Privacy By Design And How It Strengthens Compliance

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Complying with complex data privacy regulations requires organizations to be much more precise about information security. One increasingly popular way to achieve this is to incorporate privacy considerations directly into their technology, products, and system development from the outset.

"Privacy by Design is an approach to systems engineering initially developed by Ann Cavoukian and formalized in a joint report on privacy-enhancing technologies by a joint team of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (Canada), the Dutch Data Protection Authority, and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research in 1995.[1][2] The Privacy by design framework was published in 2009[3] and adopted by the International Assembly of Privacy Commissioners and Data Protection Authorities in 2010.[4] Privacy by Design calls for Privacy to be taken into account throughout the whole engineering process. The concept is an example of value-sensitive D