The Story of Prodago and Mario Cantin, its Founder

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Prodago helps C-level executives and their teams design and deploy effective, operational, adaptive and dependable Data and Analytics Governance programs. This is the backstory.

Mario Cantin has been involved in data management for 30 years, elaborating solutions from data warehouses to data governance strategies, in roles ranging from developer, project manager and strategic advisor. Twelve years ago, he was consulting for the National Bank of Canada, one of Canada's major banks, and he realized that while data governance as a discipline held honourable objectives, something was missing to bridge the theory with real business impact. Organizations had a lot of frameworks and solutions to choose from, but it seemed that the only tangible deliverable these data governance efforts were producing were business glossaries. We had definitions, but the lineage to data quality, trust and business results were still elusive.

The Launch

So seven years ago, Mario decided to launch Prodago. The premise was to be two-fold. First, he was going to disrupt the traditional, top-down data governance approach involving committees, glossaries, stewards and the likes and start where requirements are typically recorded - at the project level. What came from it was something called lean data governance. The concept was to start from the data itself, and further dig into what else was required for it to be trusted. If some data quality procedures were not applied consistently, what was the business value at risk? This lean data governance framework allowed any data-centric project to clarify and connect with real, specific and actionable governance requirements and be agile at doing so. Of course, Prodago is also a software company, but Mario who has been thinking about this longer than most, says that the real innovation of Prodago is this framework, his brainchild. The software only operationalizes the framework.

Cool Vendor

Maybe Mario is being modest. Three years ago already, Gartner named Prodago one of its yearly COOL VENDORS. Enabling data projects to document all the connections between data, procedures, target regulations or poli