News: Californians Approve Proposition 24 (CRPA)

Updated: May 29

California Prop 24 introduces new rights for consumers and new obligations for businesses. Will it pave the way for federal law? Will it lead to EU Adequacy Status?

On general election night, November 3rd, Californians approved Proposition 24 with a 56% majority to create new privacy legislation, Consumer Privacy Rights Act (CPRA). CPRA replaces and makes material changes to the CCPA.

These changes include introducing new consumer rights such as the Right to correction of data, new organizational requirements such as data retention limitations, and establishing a new enforcement agency to investigate and punish violations via the courts.

While most of the provisions of CPRA will not apply until the beginning of 2023, businesses must be aware of upcoming changes and review their privacy policies and business practices.

In this post, we will try to answer three questions:

  • What are the changes introduced by CPRA?

  • Will CPRA pave the way for new privacy laws both on the federal level?

  • Can CPRA secure an adequacy status by EU for Califo