6 Steps To Prevent Security Breaches Via Privacy Compliance

Updated: Jan 7

Risks of Security Breaches and Cyber Threats

If your organization is connected to the internet, it is under the risk of a cyber threat. It will never cease to be. There is no way to eliminate cyber threats, but there are many ways to mitigate these risks. Aside from the conventional technology-based means of data protection, it is possible to reduce those risks by complying with data privacy laws.

The reason why compliance is a useful way to deal with security breaches is simple: the most recent data privacy laws require that organizations operationalize many data security measures that will keep personal data safe.

The Laws Can Actually Help

Awareness around data privacy has grown significantly in the last few years. Several high-profile security breaches have compelled governments worldwide to take data protection more seriously and pass comprehensive laws with very detailed requirements. To name a few, the EU passed the GDPR, Canada has PIPEDA, the Healthcare sector has HIPAA, while CCPA is the most comprehensive California privacy law to date.

These laws require organizations to take the "privacy by design" approach. The good news about taking this approach is that if you implement privacy by design in your organization, you will, in fact, also implement cybersecurity by design.