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Professional Services

With you every step of the way


Each organization is unique. Prodago has put at your disposal a professional services team and standard engagements data governance services to help make your journey into Lean Data & Analytics Governance simple and efficient.

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Data and Analytics Governance Strategy

Assess where you are and where you need to go using Prodago’s robust and lean approach.

The foundation of Prodago's approach is Lean Data & Analytics Governance. Our team's extensive experience and expertise can help you assess the maturity of your Data and Analytics Governance and develop a strategy and tactical roadmap that will be easy to implement.  We also make sure it can grow to scale gradually and enable you to monitor progress and compliance as you manage data.

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CIO and CDO, plus staff, discussing how to harmonize data governance

Data Governance Assessment

Know your gaps in terms of governance operating practices, understand your risks and mitigate them.

The first step in operationalizing Lean Data & Analytics Governance is to see if your organization has implemented all of the critical processes and linked them to proper accountability. We map your internal policies to the regulations you must comply with and our extensive collection of operating practices, allowing us to determine and prioritize with you the right target processes to adjust or create. Finally, we create a roadmap to close your gaps and mitigate your data risks.

Data Risk Assessment
and Operating Model

Identify data risks in a project, a business line or your entire organization.

By leveraging Prodago's collection of operating practices, we identify the ones required to address your context and your risk tolerance. We adapt the Lean Data and Analytics Operating Model to your business reality to accelerate the mitigation of data risks, covering areas like data classification, security, privacy, ethics, data quality management and data literacy.

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Policies Assessment

Create or strengthen your policies so that they become operationalizable and that you are effectively compliant.

Our portfolio of operating practices will help us ensure that your policies cover all the aspects required for the various regulations you must comply with. We will also provide you with a framework to ensure your policies are well aligned, operationalized and that the proper controls are in place to govern the execution of operating practices.

Risk management staff

Implementation and Strategic Support

Mitigate your implementation risks with expertise by your side.

Our team of senior advisors have years of experience in data management and analytics. They can assist you with your data governance strategy and vision, with the business case required to secure funding, with the implementation of your broader Data Governance Program and with the implementation of our various assessment recommendations and proposed roadmaps for the governance of data.

Prodago can adapt and combine any or parts of the above engagements to cater to your specific needs.


Analytics Data and Project Readiness Assessment

Accelerate the successful delivery of your analytics initiatives by executing the specific governance activities required for effective, compliant, and principled AI.

This engagement aims to get you ready to roll out Advanced Analytics and AI in your organization, for your entire analytics sector, a specific project, initiative, or pilot. We ensure you do so responsibly, in compliance with regulations and with the required data quality level and according to the data lifecycle. To do this, we analyze the quality of the data, its classification, the business terms, the ethical use of data, compliance with internal policies and whether adequate operating practices are in place and properly assigned. Here as well, we identify the gaps that introduce data risks and create a roadmap to close the gaps and mitigate identified data risks.

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