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The Business Context

Our clients come to us with specific data-centric business problems to solve. This is a great path for demonstrating success: focusing on business value.


For example, designing how Data and Analytics Management and Governance will ensure Data Privacy regulation compliance.

We can help your organization assess, design, plan and deliver a modern Data and Analytics Governance Program. We can intervene also help you solve specific data-centric business imperatives. 

The Level of intervention: Policy Setting or Policy Enforcement

External alignments are the drivers, policies are the requirements to be able to comply, and operating practices are how you can trust that everyone in the organization knows their role in making this compliance happen. It's a natural order.

By leveraging Prodago's Unified Data Governance Model and registry of curated operating practices mapped to best practices, laws, regulations, and standards, you can speed things up and shorten your time-to-value.


Where Prodago Can Help

We combine our content and platform with professional services to deliver exceptional value, tailored to your organization's context and needs. 

Our experts will listen and understand your situation and support your Data Governance, Data Privacy, AI Governance, or Data Risk Management initiatives.

The Business Transformation

Prodago's method for deploying effective Data and Analytics Governance needs to be viewed as a business transformation.

Our services and the Prodago Platform are designed and integrated to help our clients create, manage and deliver effective Data and Analytics Governance Programs. Once transformed, the organization can effectively govern the deployed processes and accountabilities.  

All our engagements start with an Assessment adapted to the business context.

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