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Governance Readiness Assessment

A.I. governance

Assessment of your organization’s internal A.I. policies/directives/standards against the requirements of the Models or Frameworks you select. The assessment includes:

The creation of an A.I. Operational Playbook for your organization, based on your chosen internal policies / directives / standards.

Gap analysis between your playbook and the Prodago Operational Playbook

Analysis of your organization's maturity to mitigate A.I. risks based on the gaps in your operational playbook

Operational readiness assessment

a.i. governance

Assessment (within your A.I. processes) of the operating practices supporting the Models or Frameworks you select.

The assessment includes:

Assessment of the operating practices in your organization’s data science lifecycle. Assessment dimensions for all the operating practices include existence, approval, accountability, and efficiency against intended results

Identification of A.I. risks derived from deficiencies in your A.I. operating practices

Suggested implementation roadmap, based on your risk tolerance to the identified risks


for a.i. governance

Embedding operating practices (from Prodago Operational Playbook) into your internal A.I. Processes, creating A.I. Ethics Governance-by-design. It includes:

If required - Cartography of your data science lifecycle

Mapping of each operating practices to the detailed processes of your data science lifecycle. The exercise includes all facets of A.I. Governance. (Ethics, Privacy, Security, Quality, Literacy, etc.)

Full RACI for the operating practices

Please note that Governance-by-Design can be applied for any area under Data Governance, such as Privacy and Data Risks Management, as well as Data Quality. Contact us for more information.


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