A CIO Strategy Council National Standard of Canada standard

Ethical Design and Use of Automated Decision Systems

Organizations are continuing to develop awareness and understanding of risks related to AI Ethics and how these can lead to significant adverse impacts. The CIO SC National Standard of Canada provides organizations with clear guidelines for protecting human values and incorporating ethics in automated decision-making systems



We’ve created the operational playbook for the Ethical Design and Use of Automated Decision Systems.


We help Canadian organizations to


  1. Assess their operational readiness toward the playbook;

  2. identify gaps; 

  3. manage AI ethic risks;

  4. act on the required transformation.


To fully operationalize AI Ethics management, according to the guidelines set.

What does it mean for you?

Speed. Prodago combines curated content (operational playbook) and expert professional services to guide you to implement the guidelines of the Council to all your A.I. projects.
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Prodago has documented operating practices for all major AI Ethical frameworks. In the table to the left, we see the CIO SC guidelines and how they compare to others. The count in the cells refers to the number of operating practices underlying each area.

The table to the right is an example of the Right of the person exploded to the operating practice level.

Rights of the person

Three ways to engage

AI Ethics Assurance Program - Professional Services

Governance Readiness Assessment

AI Ethics

Assessment of your organization’s internal ethics policies/directives/standards against the requirements of the CIO Strategy Council Ethical Design and Use of Automated Decision Systems. The assessment includes:

The creation of an AI Ethics Operational Playbook for your organization, based on your internal ethics policies / directives / standards.

Gap analysis between your playbook and the Prodago Operational Playbook for the CIOSC standard

Analysis of your organization maturity to mitigate AI Ethic risks based on the gaps in your operational playbook

Operational readiness assessment

ai ethics

Assessment (within your AI processes) of the ethics operating practices supporting the CIOSC Ethical Design and Use of Automated Decision Systems requirements.

The assessment includes:

Assessment of the ethics operating practices in your organization’s data science lifecycle. Assessment dimensions for all the operating practices include existence, approval, accountability, and efficiency against intended results

Identification of AI Ethics risks derived from deficiencies in your AI Ethics operating practices

Suggested implementation roadmap, based on your risk tolerance to the identified risks


for ai ethics

Embedding ethics operating practices (from Prodago operational playbook) into your internal AI Processes, creating AI Ethics Governance-by-design.

If required - Cartography of your data science lifecycle

Mapping of each ethics operating practices to the detailed processes of your data science lifecycle. The exercise can be extended to include facets of AI Governance other than AI Ethics (Privacy, Security, Quality, Literacy, etc.)

Full RACI for the operating practices


Contact us to discuss your context and determine if there is a good fit for us to help.

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