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Prodago is a professional services and software firm specializing in Data and Analytics Governance and Data Risk Management.

This page describes our Data Risks Accelerator Service.

Why a Data Risks Accelerator Service?

Prodago conceived the Data Risk Accelerator for Chief Risk Officers and their team to address data risks like data ethics and reputational risks. Based on experience in helping other clients with data risks, we have realized that organizations struggle with

  1. Defining meaningful risks related to topics such as ethics, fairness, explainability and data literacy;

  2. integrating data risk management within their broader corporate risk framework;

  3. measuring data risks in an operational and actionable way;

  4. creating an effective risk management plan in the face of the exploding use of data stemming from the adoption of advanced analytics such as AI and ML.

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How does Prodago solve these problems?

​Instead of focusing on data, Prodago focuses on the operating practices that prevent or respond to data-related risks. By assessing deficiencies in these practices, we identify the risks to the data itself. 

It means data risks can be triggered by poor data quality and by poor /deficient management of data.  Our exhaustive list of data risks covers ethics, fairness, explainability, data literacy, retention, privacy and data security. Prodago data risks can be mapped to your existing corporate risk taxonomy or embedded within it.

Prodago maps each data risk to the operating practices that either prevent or respond to it. The operating practices can reduce the probability or the severity of the risk. The Prodago data risk solution provides a structured and scalable approach to assess these operating practices and derives data risks based on gaps. We have compiled hundreds of operating practices within a comprehensive data risk framework, allowing us to quickly assess your risk exposure level based on the presence and measure of the effectiveness of each operating practice within your organization. 


We know AI, ML and data intimately; we have assembled the best operating practices available for organizations to mitigate and manage the inherent risks driven by the enhanced manipulation of data that advanced analytics requires.

What makes Prodago uniquely positioned to deliver?

Prodago was founded in 2013 to improve the traditional approaches of Data and Analytics Governance to make it operational. Our professional services staff is comprised of senior data and analytics governance practitioners with many years of experience. 

Recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor, we currently have engagements with large organizations precisely because of this unique expertise and ability to provide know-how in unifying the links between corporate risks, data risks and the operating practices to close any gaps identified.

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What is included in the Data Risks Accelerator Service package?

The Data Risks Accelerator is a consulting service offer. We call it an accelerator because it significantly shrinks time-to-value for organizations needing to include data risks in their risk management function. We bring these assets to the table:


  • Expertise in Data and Analytics Governance and Data Risk Management

  • A collection of pre-defined operating practices, covering data risk categories like privacy, data quality and ethics

  • A Data and Analytics Governance Operating Model (recognized by Gartner)

  • A structured and repeatable approach to assess and create a roadmap to move forward

  • Predefined reports and dashboards to help visualize the current state, gaps and target


Each engagement is different, but we typically provide a small team of experts to work with your team, and it is delivered in two phases, Assessment, followed by Implementation.