Data Privacy Regulations in Canada 

Readiness Assessment & Roadmap

for Bills C-11 or 64 (Quebec)

Prepare your organization! Assess your current policies, understand your risks, justify the imperatives and inform the strategy you need to be prepared for Bill C-11, Bill 64, or both.

This Service Offering combines our curated Bill C-11 or Bill 64 Accelerator with a clear methodology to quickly deliver rich information that will help you get ready for either of these imminent regulations. 

Through workshops and using our curated content, we will de;liver a complete analysis and a rich, multi-faceted Assessment Report which will contain:

  • Your own operational gaps with those implied by Bills 64 or C-11

  • A privacy data risk matrix specific to your organization

  • A detailed list of which data management areas are not covered

  • The missing roles in your organization to help fill the gaps

  • Expert analysis - information and advice to help you prioritize

  • A clear roadmap to fill the gaps identified

  • The full Assessment Report along with all artifacts used in the analysis


Get in touch with us to discuss whether the Data Privacy Canada Readiness Assessment & Roadmap is a fit for your organization.