Unified Data Governance

A modern foundation for scale

Data Governance is still a problem for organizations on two fronts: silos and scaling. A good foundation for Data Governance enables and guides an organization to monetize their data, despite the growing challenges. It aligns all stakeholders, unifies, and gives clarity of purpose.

Unlike other consulting firms, Prodago is laser-focused on Data Governance - and nothing else. And we come armed with curated content and technology so that we can help cut time-to-value.

A framework that breaks the silos

Artificial intelligence, automated decisions, the cloud, IoT, ever more complex and stringent Data Privacy regulations, and Ethics have entirely changed the game of managing data at the enterprise level. For Data Governance to have a chance of success despite the pressures that these new requirements impose, it must break down the silos and be able to scale. 


Prodago has created a framework and operating model that unifies and scales Data & Analytics Governance, leading Gartner to name us a Cool Vendor. Why not have a conversation with us?

A strategy and roadmap to get you there

By working with Prodago Professional Services, you will ensure that you adequately create a modern foundation for Data and Analytics Governance that will scale and unify but can be rolled out incrementally. 


If you are about to embark on an initiative that touches any of the following, it is worth having a conversation:

  • ​Data Governance Program Assessment, Strategy, or Implementation

  • Data Quality

  • Data Classification

  • Data Lineage

  • Data Privacy and Compliance

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automated Decision Governance

  • Ethics, Fairness, and Responsible AI


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