Make Data & AI Governance a practice, not a project.

We started Prodago years ago on the premise that the way we all did Data Governance was too fragmented to make it genuinely operational. And we all know that if organizations fail to take it there, it will remain something that never really lived up to its promise—the promise to maximize the value of data assets.

We did it.

The approach is simple. It focuses on the active management of processes rather than the data. It is this approach, based on operating practices, which can tie all of it together.

Curated Content

As we try to govern data privacy or data quality, hundreds of operating practices come into play; coming up with these is what organizations do when they hire external Data Governance expert consultants. Well, that is who we are, so we did the work of documenting and curating over 1,300 operating practices, all mapped to various privacy regulations, trust topics, and data risks. These are now available as Accelerators to our clients.


Admittedly, having operating practices is not enough. Any organization wanting to operationalize Data Governance must first assess where they are and where they need to be. They need a roadmap to get there and a system to track their progress and whether they execute well. That is real, operational Data Governance. The Prodago Platform fulfills that role.


Enterprise A.I. Governance

Information Innovation and Governance

What does it mean for our clients?

Traditional Data Governance works well once we can operationalize it. And this means solving real-world problems. Other than the traditional concepts of data classification or data quality, we solve:
A.I. Governance
Privacy, Bias Management, Model Building, Model Governance, Ethics, Explainability (Singapore, Smart Dubai, Montreal)
Data Risks
Data Breach, Privacy, Data Quality, Human-in-control, Data Retention, Data Literacy
Data Privacy
Data Quality
Included in all accelerators, and on its own if required
Prodago offers software, professional services, and curated content to help organizations speed up time-to-value in implementing comprehensive, practical, adaptable, and operational Data Governance. 
Contact us for a free consultation. We will determine together if there is a fit for us to help.
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