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Date: April 15-16

Deep Learning Summit London

Location: Hybrid: London, United Kingdom, and online

This event brings together the latest technology advancements as well as practical examples to solve challenges in business and society by using AI. Attendees will hear about advances in deep learning from leading innovators. They will also learn from industry experts in speech and image recognition, neural networks, and big data.

Cost: TBD

Who should attend: Developers, data scientists, DevOps specialists, IT decision makers, and anyone interested in combining DevOps practices with machine learning

Twitter: @teamrework

Date: May 18-20

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

Location: Virtual

Attendees at this event will learn how to tie data and analytics strategy to business outcomes and promote the adoption of technologies such as AI, while creating a culture that accelerates change. The event offers participants a deep dive into the latest data and analytics trends and tools.

Cost: €1,275 (public-sector and group discounts available)

Who should attend: Analytics and business information practitioners, business analysts, data scientists, analytics and business information program leaders, enterprise information leaders, master data management program managers, and others

Twitter: #GartnerDA

Date: May 25 to 28

34th Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Location: Vancouver & Virtual

The event is collocated with the Computer and Robot Vision conferences. These events (AI·CRV 2021) will bring together hundreds of leaders in research, industry, and government, as well as Canada's most accomplished students. They showcase Canada's ingenuity, innovation and leadership in intelligent systems and advanced information and communications technology. A single registration lets you attend any session in the two conferences, which are scheduled in parallel tracks.

Cost: TBD

Who should attend: Senior data scientists and data decision makers

Twitter: @CanAI2021

Date: June 21-23


Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

This conference focuses on techniques and tools used to monitor complex applications and infrastructure. Attendees can hear talks by industry experts and community leaders about the newest approaches to monitoring and observability, including AIOps. Past conferences have covered topics such as rethinking UX for AI-driven monitoring tools and how AI helps observe decentralized systems.

Cost: $700

Who should attend: Monitoring engineers, developers, production engineers, software architects and engineers, reliability engineers, and network architects

Twitter: @Monitorama / #monitorama

Date: July 17-22

MLDM 2021: International Conference on Machine Learning and Data Mining

Location: New York City, New York, USA

This conference aims to bring together researchers from all over the world who deal with machine learning and data mining to discuss the recent status of the research and to direct further developments.

Cost: Varies

Who should attend: Anyone interested in machine learning and data mining

Twitter: @sciencepp

Date: September 22-23

AI & Big Data Expo North America

Location: Santa Clara, California, USA

This event will provide insight from over 500 speakers sharing their industry knowledge and real-life experiences in solo presentations, expert panel discussions, and in-depth fireside chats. Topics include demystifying AI, creating an AI-powered organization, machine learning, decision science, RPA and automation, data analytics, and chatbots.

Cost: TBD

Who should attend: CTOs, heads of innovation and technology, IT directors, developers, investors, and professionals from the government and automotive sectors

Twitter: @ai_expo

Date: November 15-18

Open Data Science Conference West 2021

Location: San Francisco, California, USA

The ODSC West Conference 2021 is billed as one of the largest and only applied data science training conferences in the world. Instructors include some of the core contributors of many open-source tools, libraries, and languages. Attendees will hear about the latest AI and data science topics, tools, and languages from some of the best and brightest individuals in the field.

Cost: $299 to $1,299 (time-sensitive discounts available)

Who should attend: Data scientists, software engineers, analysts, managers, and CxOs

Twitter: @odsc

Date: April 18-23

Enterprise Data World

Location: Hybrid: San Diego, California, USA, or online

For more than 24 years, this conference has been recognized as one of the most comprehensive when it comes to data management. The forum covers a wide range of topics, including data architecture, enterprise information management, data engineering, AI, machine learning, and data and information quality. This event features live, instructor-led workshops, tutorials, product demos, case studies, and keynotes.

Cost: $499 to $1,499

Who should attend: Chief data officers; data and information architects; vice presidents and directors of analytics, business intelligence, and data governance; information quality professionals; data scientists; and big data engineers

Twitter: @EnterpriseData

Date: May 19-21

World Data Summit

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

The three-day conference will help attendees get a better understanding of developing an analytical model for their business and customer growth. Experts will discuss all aspects of data analysis, how to work with unstructured data, and how to upgrade data visualization and interpretability to the next level. Attendees can also dig deeper into customer analytics or increase their technical knowledge by attending a workshop.

Cost: Conference, €1,295.00; workshop day, €495; conference and workshop, €1,595.00

Who should attend: Directors and managers of data analytics and modeling, data science, customer and market insight analytics, data integration and AI, business analytics, predictive analytics, data architecture, and statistics

Twitter: @WorldDataSummit

Date: June 7-9

The Responsible AI Forum

Location: Munich, Germany

This three-day event brings together members of industry, civil society, government, and academia to explore through shared stories, cutting-edge research, and practical applications the most relevant and pressing issues related to the responsible use of AI. Organizers also aim to encourage exchange between research and practice through productive discussion and demonstration.

Cost: €800 (student, startup, and early discounts available)

Who should attend: Anyone involved the field of AI

Twitter: @TRAIF2021

Date: June 22-25

AIOPs Expo

Location: Miami, Florida, USA

AIOps Expo offers attendees a deep dive into how AI and machine learning can improve application performance, network performance, and security. The forum focuses specifically on AI for IT operations platforms that build and improve upon application performance monitoring, network performance monitoring, and diagnostic tools.

Cost: $599 to $1,995 (time-sensitive discounts available)

Who should attend: IT operations analysts, IT operations assistants, IT operations managers, business systems analysts, CRM and sales force experts, industrial engineers, network admins and engineers, performance management experts, process engineers, service management team members, and others

Twitter: @AIOpsExpo

Date: August 17-19

Ai4 2021

Location: Virtual

This event brings together business leaders and data practitioners to facilitate the adoption of AI and machine-learning technologies. Organizers say their mission is to help provide a common framework for what AI means to the enterprise as well as the future of the world in the face of a new era of responsible human-machine collaboration.

Cost: $395 (general registration)

Who should attend: Individuals who hold nontechnical, senior-level positions and/or technical roles at their organizations, data scientists, and data practitioners

Twitter: @Ai4Conferences

Date: October 12-14

SRECon Europe, Middle East, Africa

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

The SRE conferences are a series of forums for site reliability engineers. The forums focus on resilience, reliability, and performance in complex distributed systems.

Cost: TBD

Who should attend: SREs, software architects, and developers

Twitter: @SREcon / #SREcon

Prodago sponsoring

Date: May 5

Global CDO & Data Leaders' Summit 2021

Location: Virtual

The goal of the event is to spotlight innovative thought leaders and to provide an opportunity to share and exchange new ideas, technology trends and networking. Discussions on the theme of Leadership, Data and Analytics for Digital Transformation will be conducted with 90+ leaders in 30+ sessions

Cost: Free

Who should attend: Designed specifically for senior and C-level data and analytics executives


Date: May 24-26

Data Summit 2021

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

This conference is organized by Information Today Inc., a publisher of Internet and technology magazines, newsletters, and books, as well as a stager of large-scale conferences and trade shows. The forum typically has four conference tracks, including one about the latest trends in analytics and another on the latest advances in data architecture.

Cost: TBD

Who should attend: CIOs, chief data officers, database administrators, application developers, IT directors and managers, software engineers, data architects, technology specialists, data analysts, project managers, data scientists, and business directors and managers

Twitter: @infotoday

Date: June 8-9

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

Location: Virtual

Attendees will learn how to tie data and analytics strategy to business outcomes and promote the adoption of technologies such as AI, while creating a culture that accelerates change. The event offers participants a deep dive into the latest data and analytics trends and tools.

Cost: $1,325 (public-sector and group discounts available)

Who should attend: Analytics and business information practitioners, business analysts, data scientists, analytics and business information program leaders, enterprise information leaders, master data management program managers, and others

Twitter: #GartnerDA

Date: July 12-13

Industry of Things World USA

Location: Hybrid: San Diego, California, USA, and online

Organizers say that this event is the leading business platform for smart manufacturing and the industrial IoT. The event focuses on real-world case studies of end users, looking at how smart manufacturing technologies are changing businesses and industries. Speakers from around the world offer insights into their concepts and present current strategies. Topics include automation, machine-to-machine communication, interoperability, analytics, and new business models. Sister conferences are scheduled for Berlin, Germany, and Singapore.

Cost: Varies

Who should attend: IoT specialists and strategists, IoT novices, cloud computing adopters, big data analytics experts, and anyone else involved in a business's digital transformation

Twitter: @IoTClan / #IoTClan

Date: September 21-22

Real Business Intelligence Conference

Location: Hybrid: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, and online

Organized by Dresner Advisory Services, this conference is designed for IT and business leaders looking for strategies for success with business intelligence, analytics, and information and performance management. It emphasizes using real-world best practices and proven methods to produce pragmatic and actionable takeaways.

Cost: $299 to $499

Who should attend: Business and IT leaders, CIOs, chief data officers, business intelligence and data governance practitioners, and data scientists

Twitter: @RealBIEvent / #REALBIEVENT

Date: November 11-12

AI for Good Summit

Location: Seattle, Washington, USA

The summit will explore responsible and practical applications of machine learning and deep learning to improve individual lives and society, including environmental sustainability, increasing access to education and healthcare, reducing AI bias, and increasing transparency.

Cost: $1,095 to $1,495 (time-sensitive discounts apply)

Who should attend: Chief data officers, CEOs, CIOs, company founders, government leaders, policy advisors, professors, and chief AI officers

Twitter: @teamrework

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