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Our Mission

​Be the go-to technology partner for organizations wishing to leverage data and analytics to the fullest while limiting their exposure to quality, compliance and ethics risks.

We aim to provide executives with the confidence that they are fully aware and in complete control of all their data and AI governance endeavors, as they push it as widely as possible in their organization. 

our story

Just like other great start-up stories, Prodago began in its founder's garage in 2013. Mario Cantin had a vision: help organizations like yours address Data Governance differently and drive more value from it. So, he set out to solve the missing link by launching Prodago.

Instead of following a top-down and heavy data governance method involving committees, glossaries, stewards and the likes, Prodago developed something called Lean Data Governance, a bottom-up, context-based and pragmatic approach. By developing a SaaS solution to operationalize this framework, Prodago would connect all the dots between the data and the need for quality, compliance and ethics.  


As we fast-forward to today, every organization is trying to apply Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to solve long-standing business problems. Through consulting with many organizations on lean data governance, Prodago's leadership established that data risks and regulations are not about the data itself but instead formed by their application to solving business problems, including analytics, machine learning and AI. In each case, mitigating the resulting exposure can be achieved through specific sets of operating practices. 

Our team


Chief Executive Officer

Mario Cantin is the founder and Chief Data Strategist of Prodago. Mario has worn many hats in his career: programmer, analyst, architect, DBA, information technology manager, project manager, framework developer, entrepreneur, and strategist. Before founding Prodago, Mr. Cantin held a variety of data leadership positions with notable companies such as Hydro-Quebec, Cirque du Soleil, Standard Life, National Bank of Canada, Schering, Desjardins, Bell, Gaz Metro, Government of Canada, CSN, FTQ, Alcan, and Rogers. A respected expert in his field, Mario is a sought-after speaker and a passionate communicator. 


His thought leadership on data governance and data management has left its mark with many audiences and influenced key actors over the years. His focus for the past ten years has been on Data and Analytics Governance, and more recently, on the use of governance to mitigate the risks created by the pervasive application of Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Working with international organizations like Gartner and other industry thought leaders, he developed the Lean Data Governance approach and the subsequent Data and Analytics Governance Operating Model.

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