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Accelerating your journey toward Optimal Governance

Unified Governance SaaS platform

Optimal Governance

Strike a balance by adjusting governance intensity based on each project context and your maturity level

Business Value

Optimal Governance with Prodago

Governance Intensity

Not enough governance leads to loss of trust and value in data & AI solutions

Too much governance kills innovation and business cases

Reach your Desired Governance with Prodago Platform

1. Questionnaire
Answer questionnaire about project scope, model and technical needs to filter out practices that are not relevant to your project

2. Operating Practices
Prodago platform will automatically generate operating practices that are relevant to your project based on your questionnaire answers

3. Planning

Understand the required practices and plan out the implementation of practices based on your organization's capability

4. Export
Export your project plan to track, manage and oversee execution

Governance for Data & ai projects

Prodago unifies all governance topics (quality, literacy, privacy, ethics, security, AI and Cloud Computing, etc.) and orchestrates their application in projects

Governance Configuration
Governance requirements, configured at the enterprise level.


Project-specific application
Governance planning and execution, specific to each project context


Multidisciplinary collaboration
Alignment of each projects to governance requirements, internal policies, standards and laws


Prodago SaaS solution is used by organizations to configure governance requirements in line with organizational maturity, risk tolerance and priorities. It is used by projects to plan and execute the requirement adequate for their context.

Compliance Enablement
Enable organization to comply to laws, regulations, standards, policies & best practices that is relevant to their organization and project-specific context 

Core Challenges that Prodago solves

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Difficulty in uniting fragmented governance topics and perspectives  


Chasm between governance authorities and project managers


Translating laws and regulations into project actions

Lack of Resources

Lack of governance resources & expertise 



Prodago knowledge base and SaaS platform fast tracks your governance journey by allowing you to deliver value to your projects



Clear metrics to define alignment to recommended practices and alignment to specific compliance object

Reduce Costs

Save substantial amount of resources by reducing the need for long meetings and use of physical documents to align and triage policies

Progress Incrementally

The Prodago solution allows you to configure your governance requirements based on your priorities so you can start with the governance topics that are the most critical to you

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