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Data & Analytics Governance


Prodago helps C-level executives and their teams design, plan and deploy operational, effective, and unified Data and Analytics Governance. Unlike solutions that focus on various data governance components or the data itself, Prodago focuses on the processes, tying them all together, from strategy to operations. By doing it this way, we provide you with a way to build organizational alignment on data policies that maximize your data's value while ensuring its compliance and ethical use. 


You will be able to accelerate the successful delivery of organization-wide analytics initiatives and do more with your data while trusting that you deliver full compliance with laws and policies, meet data quality norms and promote data's principled application.


That your data quality meets your standards and that models maintain performance levels.


That your whole organization complies with external regulations and privacy laws as well as its internal policies.


That using your data to maximize the business impact of analytics is principled and avoids AI ethics issues and reputational risks.

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Prodago operationalizes Data Governance and AI Governance

Prodago operationalizes your Data Governance and AI Governance so that you can trust that your organization is managing all its data risks. We achieve our solution’s unique value proposition by connecting all the dots that give you full visibility and control to proactively manage data risks, comply with laws and policies, ensure ethical AI and certify data quality.

Implementing Data Governance and AI Governance should never be an all-or-nothing endeavour, but rather something we can deliver incrementally. To institute actual data governance analytics, to track progress, into the Prodago platform, we have built it on a business architecture we call the Lean Data Governance Operational Model. It allows you to fulfill only the operating practices needed for your given analytics journey phase, specific applications and business situations, and maximize data value.



Accelerating time-to-value

We have developed a library of nearly 1,000 operating practices are what allow you to efficiently achieve the ultimate goal of speeding up implementation and maximizing the rate of adoption of Data Governance and AI Governance throughout your organization without the unnecessary data risks.

Our team of experts has defined collections of these operating practices, carefully curated and labeled, to address comprehensive Data Governance and AI Governance areas and allow organizations to realize their business objectives in a fraction of the time, using the Prodago lean data governance approach. These are currently available:

Privacy Accelerator
Data Risks Accelerator
Analytics & AI Accelerator

and the new updated

Canada Bills C-11 and 64 Accelerators

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Chief Data Officer leading Data and Analytics Governance


Each organization is unique.

Prodago can help your organization make its journey into Lean Data and Analytics Governance simpler and adapt it to your specific situation. Let leading experts guide your team every step of the way.

Data Governance Strategy and AI Governance Strategy

Data Governance Assessment

Data Risk Assessment and Operating Model

Policy Assessment

Analytics Data and Project Readiness Assessment

Implementation and Strategic Advisory


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